Back on Track

I feel like last week was so long ago! I survived another 4th of July celebrations and Sacramento survived the wicked heat stroke that we endured for the past two weeks. We’re only eight days into the new month and I feel like I’m either behind on so much or have so many things to do. I’ve got to prioritize my life! I haven’t disclosed to you that I love lists…making them, checking them off, for shopping, packing, to-do’s, etc. I need to make a list to get back on track!

Follow-Up List

I have a few projects I need to follow through with…I’ll be making those announcements as they are confirmed. One is softball related, the other is a a miscellaneous fun project.

I need to also see when I can I can head east to Maryland to visit my aunt and uncle sometime in the fall.

In October, one of my college friends is getting married and we’ve talked about decorating a pair of TOMS for his fiance’s daughter. I was over there this weekend, but didn’t get to discuss the subject as much as I wanted to. She loves mermaids so he was thinking about doing a mermaid themed shoe for her as a present as well as doing something for his new wife’s reception shoes. (I’ll have to post some of the TOMS I’ve decorated for friends) I can’t wait for this wedding because it will be a fun time for all of my college friends to get together for some fun in fancy clothes…the bride and groom are pretty awesome too!

Another friend also approached me to help plan her friend’s birthday party. She hasn’t given me that much detail about the whole thing so I need more information from her.

Personal List

I need to buy stamps. I always lose them, yet I always need them. That’s a big one! I need to find a better hiding spot for them instead of where my last ones are currently.

After the 4th of July cheeseburger diet, I need to get back on track with my eating habits. Good news is that my close friends who I house sit for have a neighborhood vegetable garden and they are swimming in veggies! So I have to get my butt down to the Pocket area to snatch some up and get creative.

I’ve been going to the gym at least once a week and staying active by at least walking somewhere near by instead of driving. I need to pump up the intensity though to kick start this process.

I love to Pinterest, but I haven’t gotten a chance to start any new projects so that’s a must-do. I also have a three drawer dresser from IKEA that I still need to put together. I’m clearly dreading it! Fixing up my apartment and getting everything situated should definitely get done soon since I moved in March. My biggest excuse is that I don’t have central A/C so when it’s hot, I don’t want to be up and about working in my apartment. Excuses, excuses…



Figure out what you need to do to get back in a good, positive routine and stick to it! If you ever stray, make a list of what your priorities are and feel satisfied when you check them off when you’re down. It great starting new things, but even better when you’ve successfully completed them!


My condolences to victims of the Asiana airplane crash in San Francisco, California this weekend.



Hope everyone has a great week!


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