New ABC Shows

Fall means back to school…and fall television. I know television is bad, but I took a class in college where we had to critique messages in the media so I’m not just looking at television mindlessly. I’m analyzing the message the program is trying to give its viewers and how they go about doing it. I watch a lot of shows like this and other shows for pure entertainment that I don’t pay much attention to. I subscribe to Hulu+ and recently watched some of the new ABC shows that are premiering in a couple of weeks. I wanted to share my thoughts about it.

Trophy Wife – Tuesdays @ 9:30pm, ABC

This show stars Malin Akerman, who I always look forward to in anything because she is beautiful and funny. I’m especially glad that I’ll get to see her pretty face one a week on this show. Her husband, played by Bradley Whitford, is a successful lawyer with two previous wives and kids with each of them, including an adopted boy from China. It’s quite an eclectic family put in hectic situations as Malin’s character tries to adjust to a wife with three step children from a karaoke-ing single party girl. One of the ex-wives is a doctor played by Marcia Gay Harden, who always plays an uptight authority figure, and the other is played by Michaela Watkins, who is a holistic-approaching, free spirited, helicopter mom. It’s definately going to be a funny show to add to the Tuesday lineup along with Modern Family.

Back In The Game – Wednesdays @ 8:30pm, ABC

Since softball was a prevalent influence in my childhood, I am excited to see where they take this show since it’s about a mom who played softball in college, taught by her dad. She has “daddy issues” and is coaching her unexperienced son and other misfits who didn’t make the team. They are called the “Angles,” which was supposed to be “Angels.” This is funny since baseball is considered a blue-collar sport and they were too cheap to get new uniforms with the correct spelling. The mom is playing by Maggie Lawson, who was in that Disney/Justin Timberlake movie – Model Behavior. Her crotchy dad is played by James Caan and his character is much like Morris Buttermaker, the coach of the Bad News Bears, and is always doing something to the extreme to protect his grandson or give his daughter a hard time. This will be interesting to watch since I spent my childhood playing softball, coached by my dad and now estranged, and I’m now coaching. 





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