Anything you can, I can do better

Back when I was a competitive softball player in my youth through young adult life, I could do stuff that most people couldn’t. I was on top of my softball game, had great hand-eye coordination, was quicker and stronger than most people my age because I was active and kept working on my special skill or craft. I find that nowadays at the ripe age of 26, regular people have a chance to catch up. I am no longer just a strong gifted athlete, I actually have to work at it now to keep it. Normal people are becoming more motivated to workout and stay in shape. I can no longer lift more than the average person who never played sports. This is what I’ve come to realize and it is motivating me to do something other people can’t. I need to set myself apart from others. I clearly still have that competitive nature, now I just need to find something that I can do that sets me apart. Back to the gym to get stronger! Need to step it up…


Pushing Through the Heat

We have been experiencing a heat wave in Sacramento and it’s been forcing most of us to stay inside to be saved from the heat. Today, my friend and I braved the outside world to drive to the gym and workout. I’m really glad she wants to workout and has allowed me to be her “personal trainer.” I’m not certified, but I have been instructed by those who are certified with the knowledge I have acquired through my experience as a collegiate athlete. I have been showing her some exercises to help improve her balance and strength – nothing particularly fancy. We’ve been doing basic weight training and cardio for a couple of weeks now. Today we did strength exercises with little to no equipment.

Cardio – 25 minutes on the treadmill
I did some sprint/jog/walk intervals and my friend walked at a moderate to fast pace.


We did the following exercises for 30 seconds on with a 30 second break for 2-3 rounds:

1. Pushups

2. Planks (front, sides)

3. Prisoner Squats

4. Lunges

5. V-Ups

6. Ankle Stabilizers


Rowing for 600m to finish out our workout

We took about a week and half off since life got in the way so we’ll be sore tomorrow I’m sure.
I always remind my friend to stretch since she always talks about her soreness so I’m glad she is so receptive to my coaching style.

I would have loved to have a dip in the pool to cool off, but I guess a nice shower will have to do! How do you still manage to get a workout in with all this heat?

Stay cool Sacramento or where ever you may be! Hope your Monday was productive. Have a great week!