Bombay Bar & Grill Review

For my Sacramento audience who live on the Grid, you need to check out Eat24. There’s no delivery fee for us! You can order from various local restaurants and it can be delivered right to your home. Hella sweet right? My boyfriend is a home-dweller who is lazy, but loves food so this is perfect for our lazy days together. Last Friday night, he had a late night band practice so I was on my own for dinner. I was craving Indian food, but I didn’t want to go to a restaurant so I started looking at menus and thought it would be a good idea to order in. I remembered Eat24 immediately for this craving. Plus, the website told me it would take 45-50 minutes, but it arrived 18 minutes early so I was thrilled!

I ordered through Eat24 for Bombay Bar and Grill, located at 1315 21ST St. in Sacramento. I salivated as I looked through the menu because everything looked so good. There was no dollar minimum I had to reach to order so I just got the Chicken Tikka Masala  the Traditional Indian Thali way. This dish came in various portion cups and containers, but that goodness for friends and picture messaging! I was able to find out what I do with most of the dishes that were included in my meal.

Chicken Tikka Masala is charcoal roasted chicken cooked with herbs, fenugreek and a dash of brandy in a special creamy sauce. I ate it over basmati rice and dipped my naan in the creamy sauce. So good! There was a yogurt based cream sauce that reminded me of a watery version of tzatiki sauce which I used with the chicken and rice combo. My friend said it’s like their version of sour cream. I also tried the vegetable curry of the day that the meal came with. It had cauliflower and potatoes in it and it was delicious. I didn’t know what to use the chutney (green stuff) or the other portion cup was filled with so I didn’t explore those.

I was curious about Indian food since I tried it at my friend’s house out of the blue. I’ve been on a curry kick and have been experimenting with it when I get Thai food. I have been told it was different than Indian food and I don’t like the sweetness from the coconut milk. I’ve been quite exploratory with my food lately as I have incorporated more vegetables in my diet and been open to try new things. I can’t wait to actually go into the restaurant or order-in using Eat24 again to get some great food!

Check out Bombay in Sacramento and use Eat24!