New ABC Shows

Fall means back to school…and fall television. I know television is bad, but I took a class in college where we had to critique messages in the media so I’m not just looking at television mindlessly. I’m analyzing the message the program is trying to give its viewers and how they go about doing it. I watch a lot of shows like this and other shows for pure entertainment that I don’t pay much attention to. I subscribe to Hulu+ and recently watched some of the new ABC shows that are premiering in a couple of weeks. I wanted to share my thoughts about it.

Trophy Wife – Tuesdays @ 9:30pm, ABC

This show stars Malin Akerman, who I always look forward to in anything because she is beautiful and funny. I’m especially glad that I’ll get to see her pretty face one a week on this show. Her husband, played by Bradley Whitford, is a successful lawyer with two previous wives and kids with each of them, including an adopted boy from China. It’s quite an eclectic family put in hectic situations as Malin’s character tries to adjust to a wife with three step children from a karaoke-ing single party girl. One of the ex-wives is a doctor played by Marcia Gay Harden, who always plays an uptight authority figure, and the other is played by Michaela Watkins, who is a holistic-approaching, free spirited, helicopter mom. It’s definately going to be a funny show to add to the Tuesday lineup along with Modern Family.

Back In The Game – Wednesdays @ 8:30pm, ABC

Since softball was a prevalent influence in my childhood, I am excited to see where they take this show since it’s about a mom who played softball in college, taught by her dad. She has “daddy issues” and is coaching her unexperienced son and other misfits who didn’t make the team. They are called the “Angles,” which was supposed to be “Angels.” This is funny since baseball is considered a blue-collar sport and they were too cheap to get new uniforms with the correct spelling. The mom is playing by Maggie Lawson, who was in that Disney/Justin Timberlake movie – Model Behavior. Her crotchy dad is played by James Caan and his character is much like Morris Buttermaker, the coach of the Bad News Bears, and is always doing something to the extreme to protect his grandson or give his daughter a hard time. This will be interesting to watch since I spent my childhood playing softball, coached by my dad and now estranged, and I’m now coaching. 






Over the past two weeks, I’ve been chasing a high…okay maybe soul searching…an adrenaline rush, if you will. I’ve been chasing what I can only describe as “my love of the game.” I have ramped up my private instruction schedule which is only a few days a week for a small amount of time. Working with different levels of pitchers/athletes, it’s refreshing to learn first hand what they think about while I’m teaching them and when they play. I extended my hand to work with a coaching staff that I played for that is still coaching their youngest daughter this past weekend. I was itching to be around a team environment and coach people who want to get better and are open to tips. Asking more questions, being around more diverse athletes and learning from them is refreshing. It’s almost like this fall season, I am conducting my own sociology experiment on softball today and how it has evolved. It’s amazing, interesting, awkward, weird to learn things that have changed, need to change, and that probably shouldn’t have changed. This is all shaping my philosophy as a coach and in life. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

1. Athletes today are concerned with different things compared to when I was playing. They often worry/think about things they don’t necessarily need to think about. Be prepare for all questions, even the “off the wall” ones. Be appreciative of their questions. 

2. Kids will still surprise you in a good one. I would expect common courtesy for people to say “thank you” and “please,” but people today often forget about that. Surround yourself with the people and athletes that practice common courtesy – those are the people worthwhile and are the most grateful for your help. This is the most rewarding part.

3. As a coach, we teach the basic mechanics and fundamentals – usually the physical aspects. Don’t forget about the mental game. More than ever in these days, it’s almost more important to take in consideration the mental well-being of a child when applying different coaching styles. Reinforcing positive thoughts and corrections are key. I’ve found that often times, breaking it down for the athlete and doing the thinking for them alleviates extra weight. Coaching them how to break it down for themselves when they get into trouble is how the athlete gets better once they have mastered their mental game.  



I digress…I’m trying to do what I can to prepare myself for high school softball and to become a better coach. 


Have a great week! Do something productive.


August Events



Sacramento River Cats at Raley Field (See Website)

Monday: Throwback Mondays presented by Cache Creek

Every Monday at the River Cats game, they bring out throwback jerseys and caps and popcorn and peanuts are only 50 cents each. There will be vintage organ music in between innings by Gus the Organ Guy!


Tuesday: Toyota Family Value Tuesdays

All fans can enjoy $1 hot dogs and $1 desserts throughout the season


Wednesday: Free Parking Wednesdays presented by Jiffy Lube

Come every Wedneday game and you’ll end up saving $60 for the season on parking alone!


Thursday: Miller Lite Thirsty Thursdays

All 12-oz Miller and Miller Lites are just $2 each or you can get 24-oz Miller and Miller Lites for $4 each.


Friday: Fireworks Friday

A fireworks show immediately following every Friday and Saturday game.


Sunday: U.S. Bank Sunday Funday

Kids of all ages will enjoy pregame player autographs, face painters, balloon artists, and the opportunity to run the bases on the field after every Sunday home game!

Raging Waters

Now open daily Monday – Friday 11am – 6pm and Saturday – Sunday 11am – 7pm. Check website for complete operating hours.

Single day tickets are $30.99 (over 48” tall ) or $21.99 for a Junior ticket (under 48” tall)…even better win a pair of tickets from the Culture Committee! A Premium Pass this year is $41.99 for the whole year long! (see website)

 Sacramento Zoo

The zoo is open daily from 9am – 4pm until November. General Admission is $11.25, Seniors are $10.50, Children 2-11 is $7.25, under 1 is free.

Catch the Zoo Shuttle Bus in Old Sacramento in front of the Railroad Museum on weekends in July for just $2 roundtrip!

Family Overnight Safaris – through August; on a Friday or Saturday at 5:30pm – 9am (see website)

Sign up for a fun-filled educational evening! The camp-outs are deisgned for small groups and families of two or more people. Dinner and breakfast are provided! This is a great opportunity to see animas behaviors you may not have seen before.


 Palladio’s Summer Concert Series

Every Wednesday 7pm for free concert & admission, at the Palladio at Broadstone in Folsom (see website)

August 7 Because (Beatles)

August 14 Auto Reply (dance rock variety)

August 21 Rhythm Vandals (Santana)

August 28 Lovefool (90’s and beyond)

Graffiti Night

August 17th, 12pm – 10pm, on Sutter Street in Folsom

Features more than 250 classic cars, local vendors, entertainment, and live music with a Beatles tribute show – Folsom’s version of Hot August Nights!

Free parking & admission (see website)




Golfland Sunsplash

Now open daily 11am – 6:30pm and Nite Slide open Monday – Saturday 5pm – 10:30pm

Located at 1893 Taylor Road in Roseville

Movies in the Park

August 10 – Megamind at Lockridge Park (2601 Eureka Rd)

August 24 – Happy Feet at Buljan Park (150 Hallissy Dr)

Bring your whole family for a picnic dinner and a movie at the park, starting at 7:30pm – 11pm. Local restaurants will be selling food and beverages. Just bring blankets and lawn chairs! Movie will begin at sundown. (see website)

Monthly Mobile Food Event

August 8th, 5 – 8pm, at 200 & 300 blocks of Vernon Street in Roseville

2nd Thursday of each month, the trucks are coordinated by SactoMoFo.





Elk Grove

Clarksburg Wine Tour

August 3rd, 1 – 5pm, 12:45pm – 5pm; (see website)

4 hour Wine Tour in a stretch limousine, complimentary beverages and snacks while traveling, and wine tasting fees. The tour will visit Carvalho Winery at the Old Sugar Mill and Scribner Vineyard. Pick up location is at the Target Shopping Center at 8101 Consumes River Blvd, Sacramento 95823. Arrive by 12:45pm, will depart on time. See website for ticket prices and to RSVP.



They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used to Anymore

I came across a post on Facebook from my former collegiate teammate and current assistant softball coach at Columbia College in South Carolina, Tatjana Matthews, that caught my eye this morning. It was blog post by Stacie Mahoe and here’s the link to check it out ( She had me at “Stop Babying…”

Since I’ve made my transition from a softball player to a coach, I’ve found the most difficult this is coaching the athlete of today. I’ve ask a few of my former coaches as well as my coach colleagues about how they feel about this generation. I’ve uttered the words that “they don’t make them like they used to anymore,” which makes me sound older than I am. It was only seven years ago when I was a high school senior, about to enter my college career. When the older coaches explain their frustrations with the youth of today, they say they will never change or let it affect their coaching style, they might just not stick around for too much longer. This is sad because every one of the coaches I have approached with this question is very good at what they do and bring a lot to the table. I would have to have a great coach leave the game because of the mentality of the athletes and parents taking away his or her love of the game. This is very sad and disheartening coming back into all of this, especially as a new coach.

I had started playing softball at an early age and my dad was my first coach. One thing I distinctly remembered him telling me early on was that he would never favor me because I was his daughter or give me special treatment. I obeyed this to the point that some people who never even guess that he was my dad other than the fact that we looked like each other. I kept my distance and never went to him when things weren’t going my way. I was a pretty quiet and humble kid back then too so I was not the troublemaker only child. My upbringing wasn’t particularly hard – I did what was asked of me, I would get rewards, I didn’t stir up trouble, I had a good foundation. Even though I was an only child and I am stereo-typically supposed to be spoiled and act like God’s gift on earth, I did everything in my power to not act like that because of my father instilling me to “always be humble.” My parents, particularly my father coached me as a young girl on and off the field to help form me into the woman I am today.

I am not a parent and I’m not telling anyone how to be a parent. I do ask the question of parents – Why wouldn’t you teach/coach them to learn from their mistakes with appropriate consequences? Isn’t something they stress in the parenting books STRUCTURE? I don’t know, maybe I’m reinventing with wheel with this, but is anyone seeing a connection to parenting and coaching. So I’ll give the these “soft” parents the benefit of the doubt they were were never athletes so they can’t relate to the parallel and digress. My challenge as a new coach is to earn the respect of the parents and athletes while trying to instill the drive and competitiveness that once was. Getting attitudes in check and still keeping my professional integrity is one of the biggest hurdles I’ve had to face season after season so far. It doesn’t help that I look so young either…It was easier when you could just hit the field and play.

Dishing It Out

I was having a conversation with one of my coach colleagues last night after I had emailed my official announcement to be the lead pitching instructor at California Academy in Rancho Cordova. (Surprise!) I mentioned that my schedule was interrupted temporarily by the Speed and Agility class at 6-7pm. He mentioned that it was amazing how much money these parents today are dishing out to “whoever yahoo” to help better their kids in anyway possible. I chimed in and said something to the extend of that these parents today are so hands off when it comes to actually mentoring or coaching their children. Don’t they know they just have to go outside with them and tell them to run. They could be saving their families $100 a month at least if: A. they instilled in their child to be self-motivated. B. made time to help make their kid better in sports by running drills for them. There’s a fine line between parents right now. They are either too hands on by means of helicoptering over their children in the wrong way or they are too hands off by just letting someone else do the work, but not holding their child accountable for it. I shake my head and walk away though…


If you would like to give your money to some yahoo to teach your child proper pitching mechanics, come to me! haha Now how about that for irony! 🙂

Check out July in Sacramento

Local Sacramento Events

Occurs every Friday until 7/26; free admission, all ages

Enjoy live music from local bands, food trucks and the beer garden


Occurs every Friday until the end of July; free admission

  • Downtown Sacramento – Cap City Sips: downtown restaurants, 3pm – 7pm

Occurs every Wednesday through August at participating restaurants and bars

Offering a happy hour menu featuring $2 beers, $3 wines, and $4 cocktails

Check website for participating locations



Themes and special on almost every day of a game with fireworks on Friday nights after the game. Check out Bark in the Ballpark on 7/24 so you can bring your “best friend” to the ballpark too!


Occurs every Thursday & Friday until 8/30; free admission

Enjoy bike riding in an enclosed safe riding area, great for young riders! Also, there will be a food court, bike safety clinic, and CHP presentation

Featured Event – California State Fair (See Website)


This year, the California State Fair will be celebrating their 160th year! It’s a culmination of all the hard work in California throughout the year as well as a family summer tradition of enjoyment filled with entertainment, festive exhibits, popular livestock shows, and delectable food. The State Fair starts July 12th and continues to the 28th of this month.

Fair Hours                   Mon – Thurs 11am – 10pm, Fri – Sun 10am – 10pm

Magical Midway          Mon – Thurs noon-11pm, Fri – Sun 11am – midnight

Kids Park                     Mon – Thurs 11am – 11pm, Friday – Sun 10am – midnight

Kids Days – every Tuesday; under 12 is free and all rides are only $1 for all ages!

62 & Better! Days – every Friday; adults 62+ get discount admission for $8 before 8pm!

Check out the website for special days and events happening daily! The 2013 State Fair promises food and fun for all families. Grab a group and check out the California State Fair!

Check out the blog: Blogilates

Thought this would be helpful to keep in mind since it is Summer and these are available at the local farmer’s market and or grocery store. These low calorie, high fiber fruits and vegetables came help jumpstart your healthy diet and give you the energy you need to enjoy a little summer fun in the sun!


A Day in Sacramento

This video to me captures Sacramento’s carefree, eclectic essence of the city.

Bombay Bar & Grill Review

For my Sacramento audience who live on the Grid, you need to check out Eat24. There’s no delivery fee for us! You can order from various local restaurants and it can be delivered right to your home. Hella sweet right? My boyfriend is a home-dweller who is lazy, but loves food so this is perfect for our lazy days together. Last Friday night, he had a late night band practice so I was on my own for dinner. I was craving Indian food, but I didn’t want to go to a restaurant so I started looking at menus and thought it would be a good idea to order in. I remembered Eat24 immediately for this craving. Plus, the website told me it would take 45-50 minutes, but it arrived 18 minutes early so I was thrilled!

I ordered through Eat24 for Bombay Bar and Grill, located at 1315 21ST St. in Sacramento. I salivated as I looked through the menu because everything looked so good. There was no dollar minimum I had to reach to order so I just got the Chicken Tikka Masala  the Traditional Indian Thali way. This dish came in various portion cups and containers, but that goodness for friends and picture messaging! I was able to find out what I do with most of the dishes that were included in my meal.

Chicken Tikka Masala is charcoal roasted chicken cooked with herbs, fenugreek and a dash of brandy in a special creamy sauce. I ate it over basmati rice and dipped my naan in the creamy sauce. So good! There was a yogurt based cream sauce that reminded me of a watery version of tzatiki sauce which I used with the chicken and rice combo. My friend said it’s like their version of sour cream. I also tried the vegetable curry of the day that the meal came with. It had cauliflower and potatoes in it and it was delicious. I didn’t know what to use the chutney (green stuff) or the other portion cup was filled with so I didn’t explore those.

I was curious about Indian food since I tried it at my friend’s house out of the blue. I’ve been on a curry kick and have been experimenting with it when I get Thai food. I have been told it was different than Indian food and I don’t like the sweetness from the coconut milk. I’ve been quite exploratory with my food lately as I have incorporated more vegetables in my diet and been open to try new things. I can’t wait to actually go into the restaurant or order-in using Eat24 again to get some great food!

Check out Bombay in Sacramento and use Eat24!

Back on Track

I feel like last week was so long ago! I survived another 4th of July celebrations and Sacramento survived the wicked heat stroke that we endured for the past two weeks. We’re only eight days into the new month and I feel like I’m either behind on so much or have so many things to do. I’ve got to prioritize my life! I haven’t disclosed to you that I love lists…making them, checking them off, for shopping, packing, to-do’s, etc. I need to make a list to get back on track!

Follow-Up List

I have a few projects I need to follow through with…I’ll be making those announcements as they are confirmed. One is softball related, the other is a a miscellaneous fun project.

I need to also see when I can I can head east to Maryland to visit my aunt and uncle sometime in the fall.

In October, one of my college friends is getting married and we’ve talked about decorating a pair of TOMS for his fiance’s daughter. I was over there this weekend, but didn’t get to discuss the subject as much as I wanted to. She loves mermaids so he was thinking about doing a mermaid themed shoe for her as a present as well as doing something for his new wife’s reception shoes. (I’ll have to post some of the TOMS I’ve decorated for friends) I can’t wait for this wedding because it will be a fun time for all of my college friends to get together for some fun in fancy clothes…the bride and groom are pretty awesome too!

Another friend also approached me to help plan her friend’s birthday party. She hasn’t given me that much detail about the whole thing so I need more information from her.

Personal List

I need to buy stamps. I always lose them, yet I always need them. That’s a big one! I need to find a better hiding spot for them instead of where my last ones are currently.

After the 4th of July cheeseburger diet, I need to get back on track with my eating habits. Good news is that my close friends who I house sit for have a neighborhood vegetable garden and they are swimming in veggies! So I have to get my butt down to the Pocket area to snatch some up and get creative.

I’ve been going to the gym at least once a week and staying active by at least walking somewhere near by instead of driving. I need to pump up the intensity though to kick start this process.

I love to Pinterest, but I haven’t gotten a chance to start any new projects so that’s a must-do. I also have a three drawer dresser from IKEA that I still need to put together. I’m clearly dreading it! Fixing up my apartment and getting everything situated should definitely get done soon since I moved in March. My biggest excuse is that I don’t have central A/C so when it’s hot, I don’t want to be up and about working in my apartment. Excuses, excuses…



Figure out what you need to do to get back in a good, positive routine and stick to it! If you ever stray, make a list of what your priorities are and feel satisfied when you check them off when you’re down. It great starting new things, but even better when you’ve successfully completed them!


My condolences to victims of the Asiana airplane crash in San Francisco, California this weekend.



Hope everyone has a great week!