Dishing It Out

I was having a conversation with one of my coach colleagues last night after I had emailed my official announcement to be the lead pitching instructor at California Academy in Rancho Cordova. (Surprise!) I mentioned that my schedule was interrupted temporarily by the Speed and Agility class at 6-7pm. He mentioned that it was amazing how much money these parents today are dishing out to “whoever yahoo” to help better their kids in anyway possible. I chimed in and said something to the extend of that these parents today are so hands off when it comes to actually mentoring or coaching their children. Don’t they know they just have to go outside with them and tell them to run. They could be saving their families $100 a month at least if: A. they instilled in their child to be self-motivated. B. made time to help make their kid better in sports by running drills for them. There’s a fine line between parents right now. They are either too hands on by means of helicoptering over their children in the wrong way or they are too hands off by just letting someone else do the work, but not holding their child accountable for it. I shake my head and walk away though…


If you would like to give your money to some yahoo to teach your child proper pitching mechanics, come to me! haha Now how about that for irony! 🙂


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